Up for the taking… a vote!

I’m a registered voter, always vote and take pride in having my say at the polling booth! More recently I’ve taken joy in taking my son to tell him the importance and explain why we do it.

However, I’m sick of politicians. I’m sick of them trying to bring each other down in the most silliest of ways. He said this, she said that, they didn’t answer the question, blah blah blah.

I’m currently reading a book about Barack Obama written by the person who was his faith advisor during his first campaign and also through his years in the White House. I also had the pleasure of being in a small crowd witnessing Obama talk when I was in the States a few years ago. Now I’m not saying that Obama was perfect—no leader is—but he was a leader.

There is no leader currently in UK politics. There are some great MPs with leadership capability (I know a few) but they aren’t leaders of the parties, and some MPs with some great things to say get reduced to childish games and one-upmanship which seems to reduce them to school children.

Why has politics gone this way? Why is Twitter set alight by politicians trying to bring each other down as soon as they say the wrong thing?

There’s just under a week to go until the election… 6 days left of Twitter snipes, comments about children, claims for funding where there are questions as to where it comes from… I can’t wait until it’s over, to be honest!

It seems to me, that this country doesn’t need a general election… it needs some leaders. Where are they? Who are they? Who has a plan that is robust enough to stand up to scrutiny? Or, a better question, who is happy to put their party colours aside and work with others to make this country a success. There shouldn’t be the need for food banks, there is enough to go around. There should be more support for teachers and the prison system needs a total overhaul and we need to ensure the health and wellbeing of people, especially those termed ‘hardest to reach’.

Show me that person and I’ll tell you they won’t just get my vote- but a lot of others whose vote is up for the taking…