Diary of a Creative English Trainer: Day Six

Day Six

Celery and Cat Slippers in Newham!

Lego Wonder Woman We now have a small core group, with new ones being added. They are all delightful! Took in a whole bunch of celery today, since hardly anyone had recognised this food card in last week’s activity. We tasted it and found adjectives for it. Today we were joined by our first new volunteer – Sandeep. She is actually one of my students from my other class, who is fairly competent and would benefit from some further ‘stretching’. I have never tried this before, but she got on really well, despite being a little nervous! We had a lot of laughs handling the story of Amy, who wants cat slippers for her birthday – and who daily reminds Sally of this until she is hoarse!

The old ones are the best! (and I don’t mean me – cheeky!)

Today I taught my Ilford class the old favourite ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’, and I have to admit that touching my toes is a thing of the past!!! We have moved on to the topic of doctors and medicine and have been joined by more new people again; the staff at the Loxford Children’s Centre are brilliant at marketing the class! Thanks Patsy,  Hameeda et al!