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11th – 15th September 2023

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Local Healthwatch – Why get involved?

What is it and what should I do?

Healthwatch is one of the new structures being put into place in April 2013 in the Health and Social Care Landscape.

Local Healthwatch organisations will be designed to be the local consumer champion, to strengthen the voice of patients, users of services and the public in the 152 local authorities in England. Local authorities will have the duty to provide a local Healthwatch in their area (they could contract a voluntary sector organisation to do this) which will cover health and social care for everyone (i.e. adults and children).

Healthwatch will be responsible for understanding and presenting community views at Health and Wellbeing Boards, as well as being responsible for helping individuals.


Why should faith-based organisations get involved in Healthwatch?

Faith-based organisations often reach the hardest to engage and provide assistance to these individuals where they are; faith groups are therefore very well placed to represent the diverse communities of England. It is these marginalised groups who face the most inequalities in health, making them the groups that are in most need of representation.


I’m interested, now what?

If you’re interested in learning more about Healthwatch, get in touch with me at the National Office either by e-mail: [email protected]or via the helpline: 0845 094 6350