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Why You Need to be at the NHS Expo

The NHS Expo takes over Manchester Central once a year and is the opportunity to hear updates on what NHS England is up to, with a focus on the biggest health and care issues and developments, as they continue to implement the NHS Five Year Forward View.


There’s a shiver going down my spine today and it’s not because of the coldness in the office… It’s about Brussels. Seeing pictures of blast sites is becoming a common thing… It’s something that we see on our Twitter timelines, on the news and in […]

David Cameron and Community Cohesion

Over the past two years, FaithAction has been running our Creative English programme with the aim of building confidence and community cohesion. We’ve seen 2400 people through the course and some fantastic results, such as 81% went on to speak to their neighbours in English. […]

The Free and the Brave

Donald Trump has hit the headlines again this week. This time, it’s not about Mexicans… it’s about the Muslim community in America. Let me get something straight before I begin: I love the USA. I have some dear friends there, got engaged in the States, […]