The Allen Lane Foundation

The Allen Lane Foundation aim to help organisations to become sustainable, supporting running and core costs to enable them to have flexibility, security and longevity.

They are interested in funding charitable causes which they believe to be unpopular both in society, and with other funders. If you believe your work to be an unpopular cause, both in society generally, and with other funders, and something you think the Foundation may be interested in funding, please email them to tell them more: [email protected]

Please also check through the following to make sure you fit the remit:

Size of organisation? To make sure their grants have an impact, The Allen Lane Foundation only fund smaller organisations. If you work across a local area such as a village, estate or town, to be eligible you will need to have an income of less than around £100,000. At the other end of the spectrum, if you work across the whole of the UK you will need to have an income of less than around £250,000.

Type of organisation? They fund organisations which are registered charities, and also other organisations which are not charities but which seek funding for a charitable project. (Such as constituted voluntary groups or Community Interest Companies for example.) They do not make grants to individuals.

Geographical area? They make grants across the United Kingdom. The only exception is that they do not fund work within Greater London. Organisations which have their offices in London are eligible provided the people who benefit from their work are not only in London.

For more information and to apply for this funding, please visit: allenlane.org.uk