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Health Needs Assessment

As a faith group – or even a faith-based organisation – you may not always consider yourself an employer. Whether it’s full-time or part-time staff, or even volunteer helpers, you have a duty to consider the wellbeing of those that work for you. But more than that, it’s an opportunity too – by supporting the health and wellbeing of your staff, you enable them to do their job better. And that, in turn, means your group or organisation can better serve its community and fulfil your mission of supporting others.

To this end, Public Health England, working with the Health, Work and Wellbeing Group (one of our fellow members of the Strategic Partnership), have developed guidance on health needs assessments (HNA). This involves conducting a survey of the health and wellbeing of all your members of staff and using the results of this to identify and plan ways of further supporting your organisation’s health and wellbeing. To aid with completing the HNA, we’ve prepared an easily-distributable version of the employee survey and a spreadsheet that will allow you to easily tally up the results to accompany the full guidance.

If you’d like to take this opportunity to learn more about your employee’s health and wellbeing and further strengthen your organisation, please get in touch with us below. We’ll provide you with everything you need to easily carry out the HNA within your organisation; in return, we’d like to ask that you share with us your findings. Don’t worry, any data we receive will be kept anonymous and secure, and it will help both us and Public Health England to build a better picture of the faith sector.

Toolkit for Employers

Produced by the Health, Work and Wellbeing Group, this toolkit contains a wealth of information and resources covering key areas of health at work, from everyday factors such as exercise, healthy eating, smoking and alcohol to larger issues such as cancer awareness and mental health. It also includes a Champion’s Pack, with materials to help raise awareness of an employer’s role in the health and wellbeing of their staff, and case studies and other evidence to support employer’s playing in a part in health and wellbeing.

Mental Health Toolkit for Employers

This interactive PDF toolkit, produced by Business in the Community in association with Public Health England, provides a range of advice and guidance for supporting the mental health of your employees, covering topics including workplace culture, providing training, and communication with managers. It also includes a number of case studies highlighting the benefits that come with supporting mental health in the workplace.

Mental Health at work: Tips for Employers

A paper produced by Professor Jim McManus, Director of Public Health for Hertsfordshire, which lays out nine tips for improving mental health in the workplace, drawing on his own experiences in not only public health, but also in psychology and human resources.

Improving Lives

On 31st October, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) with the Department of Health published a Green Paper entitled Work, health and disability: improving lives. The paper kicks off a consultation asking employers and individuals questions regarding the issues it highlights. We have produced a summary of the main points of the paper. It lays out quite a clear argument on why there needs to be a focus on those with long term health difficulties or disabilities, and how they can be supported to get into and remain in work.

You can find the full paper here: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/work-healthand-disability-improving-lives.