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Two thirds of fundraisers say ‘unsolicited communication’ should be stopped, says IoF

A survey carried out by the Institute of Fundraising has found that 65 per cent of fundraisers think that once an individual is registered to the Fundraising Preference Service they should no longer receive “unsolicited communications”.

The IoF revealed the results of its survey on its blog yesterday, after asking its members about the Fundraising Preference Service, which was proposed in the Etherington Review.

Over 500 members took part and two thirds said they “thought that registering on an FPS should mean that the individual no longer receives cold ‘unsolicited’ communications”.

But 80 per cent of respondents believe that “consent from an individual should be respected” and that if an individual gives direct consent to a charity to be contacted by them, registering with the FPS should not “generally override that consent”.

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