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Govt accepts all recommendations of Etherington review

The Government has accepted all the recommendations of the Etherington review of fundraising practice and regulation.

Minister for Civil Society Rob Wilson announced on the weekend that forthcoming changes could force large charities to sign up to a new fundraising watchdog. The new regulator will require charities to have the explicit consent of all donors, past and present, before any data can be shared.

The Government supports the proposed fundraising preference service, enabling individuals to add their name to a suppression list giving fundraisers a clear indication they do not wish to be contacted. Under the system fundraisers should have a responsibility to check against the FPS before sending out a campaign.

“Charitable giving is one of the most decent and generous attributes of a civilised society – and we need to rebuild people’s faith in the big charities,” Wilson said. “We are building a new regulatory structure to make sure the right safeguards exist to protect those people at risk of exploitation. This should help the charities to draw a line under previous bad practice and I hope we will see even more people making donations and giving their time to help others in the months and years ahead.”

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