Being seen as political is ‘the kiss of death for charities’, Labour Party Conference hears

Being seen as “political” makes a charity easy to ignore and can undermine what it is trying to achieve, delegates at the Labour Party Conference heard yesterday.

The comments were made by Zoe Williams, Guardian journalist and charity trustee, who was speaking at a fringe event run by Acevo called Speaking up for Civil Society: When Should Charities Provide Political Opposition?

The event looked at moves by government to reduce charities’ ability to campaign. Williams told delegates that becoming seen as a political organisation is “the kiss of death for charities now”, and this happens, the charity is “not heeded, is very easily reduced and ignored.”

She said this stance means the sector “becomes self-policing”, because there is a “real threat that your charity status could be taken away”.

Williams said it can undermine a charity’s work and what they are trying to do.

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