Three new reports on partnership working between faith and local government.

It’s Party Conference Season!

The conferences are key events in the political calendar. They are a heady mix of policy discussion, lobbying and rousing political speeches, with plenty of opportunity to grab selfies with a political celeb.

FaithAction has been invited to be at the Labour and Conservative conferences this year and we are excited to be there.

It’s important to us that we can represent our network as best we can. We’re going to go and be the voice of over 2,000 faith-based organisations and individuals and we’ve got a lot to say. On the back of a recent audit of faith-based organisations we saw the true scope of work that the faith sector does, and we think it’s time that to be highlighted, especially as when it comes to voluntary work it’s often faith groups that are working below the surface.

The Labour conference is the first up for the FaithAction team, running from 27th – 30th September in Brighton. It’s the first major event headed by new leader Jeremy Corbyn. We’ll be partnering with our friends at Christians on the Left, who will be looking at topics such as ‘Welfare and Justice’. Following this we will then move onto the Conservative Conference in Manchester from October 4th – 7th. Partnering with The Conservative Christian Fellowship we will be engaging with MPs, Ministers and influencers to share about the role we believe faith can play. Sharing stories of the work that is being done.

With the growing realisation of the importance of mental health, we will also be asking MPs and Ministers to sign the Friendly Places Pledge.

Finally, with over 3 million people now covered by the Faith Covenant, FaithAction will be representing you in asking the political world to engage more with the faith sector and signing the pledge.

Keep a look out for updates from the FaithAction team about what we get up to. Why not ask your MP to stop by our stand and sign the Friendly Places Pledge.