Charities see charging for regulation as a ‘burden’, survey suggests

Charities fear that having to pay for their regulator would be a “damaging burden” on resources, according to a survey conducted by the Directory of Social Change.

The survey was completed by 167 individuals, with 158 saying saying Commission should not charge fees to charities. It was not intended by the DSC to be a scientifically robust, but is meant to be a “measure of people’s feelings about the issue of regulatory fees and to shed light on this issue”.

Respondents had the opportunity to leave a written response to the question of whether charities should pay for regulation.  Almost half did so, with comments reflecting how strongly people are against charging for regulation.

Reasons why people were against regulation included seeing fees as a “damaging burden on charitable resources”, seeing fees as “wrong in principle”, and the concern that the introduction of fees could lead to “bad regulation”.

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