Trusts and foundations ‘are too centred on London and the South East of England’, says DSC report

Grant making trusts and foundations focus too heavily on London and the South East of England over the rest of the UK, according to a new report by the Directory of Social Change.

The research published in a report entitled Sector Insight: Trusts and Foundations 2015, found that total grants from foundations were worth around £3bn a year – a return to pre-recession levels of giving.

The report focuses specifically on the 2,497 UK grant makers who appear in the DSC Directory of Grant-Making Trusts, which are responsible for around £2.65bn, 88 per cent of the overall worth.

It found that approximately £1.88bn worth of grants are made in the UK a year, of which 69 per cent are designated for distribution anywhere within England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

But the report finds that of the other 31 per cent, the vast majority of grant money is distributed in England and, more specifically, in and around London.

In the last year, £418m was allocated by trusts and foundations to England while only £80m was given to Scotland, £65m to Wales and £3m to Northern Ireland.

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