Three days paid volunteering leave for employees to go ahead, says minister for civil society

The government will go ahead with proposals for employees to receive three days of volunteering leave, the minister for civil society said yesterday in his first keynote speech of the new Parliament.

Prime Minister David Cameron made a pledge in the last Parliament that a Conservative government would offer up to 15 million workers three days’ paid leave for volunteering.

He proposed that every public sector worker and anyone working in a company with at least 250 employees would be entitled to the volunteering leave.

But there had been some doubts as to whether it would go ahead after no measures to introduce it were included in the Queen’s Speech.

Speaking yesterday, Wilson said: “We put at the heart of our manifesto a commitment to three days of paid volunteering leave for employees in large organisations. Many companies do this already but we’ll make this a reality for more people – a new entitlement for millions which will unleash a new wave of skills, capability and passion to help others.”

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