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Exchequer secretary promises simpler, clearer gift aid declaration model soon

Damien Hinds, the exchequer secretary, has said that the Cabinet Office is looking to introduce a simpler model for gift aid declaration, to make it easier for donors to understand.

Speaking at the Charity Tax Group annual conference in London today, Hinds (pictured) outlined four developments he was hoping to implement in charity taxation, including simplifying gift aid declarations for donors.

“We are finalising a new, simpler model gift aid declaration and guidance, to make it easier for donors to understand.

“We hope to announce specific changes to this very soon – and I know these changes will be the result of long and detailed work between HMRC, and the charities sector.”

The exchequer secretary said that the current gift aid declaration model is “cumbersome and off-putting” and said he was not “convinced the regulations have kept up with the modern world”, when it comes to donations made by text message, ATMs and Oyster Cards.

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