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Regulator urges people to take care when giving over Ramadan

The Charity Commission has urged people to give safely this Ramadan, and do the appropriate checks before donating.

The regulator’s research shows that only two in five people make checks before giving. Charity Commission director of policy and communications Sarah Atkinson said Ramadan is a time for giving, and the regulator wants to ensure people’s donations go to supporting their intended causes.

“The commission is committed to ensuring that trust and confidence in charities remains high, so we would encourage the public to follow our simple tips before making donations,” Atkinson said.

The commission has published 10 tips for donating safely as part of its safer giving campaign, and produced a video highlighting the impact people can make for those in need when they donate to legitimate charities.

The commission urged people to check a charity’s name and registration number against the online charity search tool before giving. Prospective donors should check fundraisers’ licences where they are collecting in public, or that they have the owner’s permission were they are collecting in a private place.

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