Three new reports on partnership working between faith and local government.

Charities urged to consider long term brand, comms, and fundraising strategy

A new report has identified a strong correlation between fundraised income, awareness, and media spend.

Consultancy nfpSynergy published the research, and recommended charities looking to boost their income and the amount of people aware of their work should consider a long term brand, communications and fundraising strategy.

The report, out today, analyses nearly 60 charities and examines the relationships between awareness and media spending. It concluded that while there is a strong positive link between awareness, income and media spend, it is difficult to establish which causes the other.

The authors argue that increasing spending is necessary to improve awareness of an organisation and what it does, but increased spending alone will not be enough to make it happen for most charities. Relying on awareness to maintain itself can be even worse, the report says, meaning a dedicated strategy is needed for organisations of all sizes.

The report advises that preparing for the long haul is crucial and the first steps are discovering what current levels of awareness are, deciding which aspects matter most and securing the human and financial resources to bring it to life and make it work.

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