Housing Bill in Queen’s Speech creates ‘worrying precedent’ for charities, says NCVO

Today’s Queen’s Speech includes a Housing Bill which will force some charities to dispose of assets at below market value – a move NCVO has described as a “worrying precedent” for the sector.

The Queen’s Speech contains a programme of the legislation the government expects to bring in the next year.

Today’s speech also contained a bill to introduce added powers for the Charity Commission, and to make it explicit that foundations can carry out social investment.

Housing Bill

The Housing Bill, which gives tenants of housing associations the right to buy their homes at a discount, would force housing associations to dispose of assets at below market value.

Housing associations are mostly a type of exempt charity called community benefit societies, but some are registered charities.

While it would not directly affect most of the voluntary sector, it indicates a willingness to direct charities how to use their assets.

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