Charity Commission welcomes new powers outlined in Queen’s Speech

Inclusion of Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Bill in today’s Queen’s Speech has been met with approval by the sector’s regulator.

Briefing notes accompanying the speech say the Bill is designed to protect charities from abuse, strengthen the powers of the Charity Commission, and make it easier for charities undertake social investment.

The Bill would extend the criteria for automatic disqualification from charity trusteeship, and would extend disqualification to senior management positions to better protect charities from the risk of abuse.

The Charity Commission’s powers would be strengthened to enable it to direct charities to close after an inquiry, issue official warnings to charities, disqualify people unfit to serve as a charity trustees in certain circumstances, and address some gaps and weaknesses in the regulator’s existing powers.

Charities receive a new specific and simple power to make social investments, along with clear duties when doing so in line with recommendations from the Law Commission.