The Election Result And The Conservative Manifesto

In his speech outside Downing Street on Friday morning, David Cameron referred to his manifesto pledges and promised “to deliver all of it”.

The FaithAction team have been busy scrutinising the Conservative manifesto. We have picked out a few relevant points to share with you.  A rough digest of additional points can be found here.

A commitment to tackling violence against women and girls

We say… We will be publishing guidance for faith leaders specifically on domestic violence. We believe they have a key role in helping to tackle such violence.

More payment by results for public services

We say… Payment by results needs reforming.  Many charities have been unable to participate in procurement competitions.

To take mental health as seriously as physical health.

We say… We welcome this. Faith groups provide important low-level support within communities. They can offer welcome and acceptance, a listening ear, care and signposting to professional services. FaithAction’s Friendly Places campaign specifically helps faith groups to upgrade their awareness and action around mental health.

To review how best to support those with long term, yet treatable, health conditions such as obesity, drug and alcohol dependency.

We say… Tackling public health issues needs a non-medical approach and look forward to contributing to the review.  FaithAction has been commissioned by Public Health England to both research and disseminate good health practices in communities. We will be rolling out a number of new guides and training sessions this year.

Many changes designed to give local communities more power and involvement from running local parks and pubs to submission of planning applications and mobilising more volunteers.

We say… Faith groups should not be seen as a cheap replacement of public services.  Some faith groups will make the most of the new opportunities, but many won’t have the capacity.  FaithAction will want local and national Government to provide appropriate support if local faith communities are to succeed in building stronger, safer, healthier neighbourhoods.

We have always believed that churches, faith groups and other voluntary groups play an important and longstanding role in this country’s social fabric

We say… Indeed! Work with us.

FaithAction’s own Manifesto puts forward key proposals to support the work of faith-based organisations

Look out for the Queen’s Speech on 27 May which will set forward the Government’s specific plans for the coming year.