New Bupa Foundation will provide up to £1m a year of health and social care grants

Bupa UK has announced the launch of a new charitable foundation to support health and social care projects across the UK.

The Bupa UK Foundation will provide up to £1m of grants in 2015 with the theme of the first round of funding to be announced in mid-May.

A statement from Bupa said the Foundation will focus on heart health, dementia, type two diabetes and cancer, as well as projects that “underpin health and wellbeing” such as “mental health, ageing and wellness, management of long-term conditions and behaviour change”.

Grant applications will be invited in May after the theme of the first round of funding is announced. The first funding decisions are expected in the summer.

Dr Paula Franklin, medical director for Bupa UK said: “The driving force of our new charitable foundation is to help millions of people to live longer, healthier, happier lives and to engage more people in their health and wellbeing. Our funding will be directed towards projects and initiatives that support this purpose.”

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