Three new reports on partnership working between faith and local government.

Charities cannot use DCLG grants to lobby government, says Pickles

Charities and other organisations will not be allowed to use Department for Communities and Local Government grants to lobby Parliament, government or political parties, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said last week.

In a statement published on gov.uk, Pickles said that using taxpayers’ funds to lobby government wastes public money and undermines transparency.

DCLG said organisations granted funds are still allowed to use their own funds for lobbying activities, if they are transparent about it.

However Neil Cleeveley, chief executive at local infrastructure body Navca, said that Pickles’ view of charities was unfair.

“I think this side-swipe at charities is uncalled-for and best viewed in the context of the imminent general election,” he said. “Most charities speak up not for themselves but for people who are frequently ignored by politicians.”

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