Three new reports on partnership working between faith and local government.

Commission calls for redesign of local VCS support infrastructure

he local infrastructure that supports charities, community groups, and social enterprises needs to be redesigned and resourced to meet future challenges, according to a commission called to look at the issue.

The National Association for Voluntary and Community Action set up the Commission on the Future of Local Infrastructure due to rising concerns local infrastructure membership could be left behind by the pace of social, political, economic and technological change.

The commission concluded “infrastructure will be needed in some form as long as people come together to form voluntary organisations and community groups”.

However, the infrastructure of the future is likely to be “a much leaner enabler, broker and catalyst, rather than necessarily a deliverer”.

The commission produced 19 recommendations – for local infrastructure, independent funders, central and local government and local commissioning bodies, and the business community.

Its overarching recommendation was that “local infrastructure needs to be redesigned and creatively resourced to meet the challenges of tomorrow”.

Barrow Cadbury Trust chief executive Sara Llewellin chaired the commission, and said infrastructure needs to undergo a redesign.

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