Get Healthy, Get Active

Public Health England (PHE) and Sports England have recently launched their Get Healthy, Get Active grants fund to drive a step change in the public’s health. The programme’s priority is to tackle inactivity across the country to reduce the burden of preventable death, disease and disability, and support people and their communities to achieve their potential.

The Get Healthy, Get Active fund aims to:

  • get more inactive people playing sport once a week for at least 30 minutes;
  • achieve a better understanding of sports contribution to improving public health and the prevention, treatment and management of long term conditions;
  • enable sport and physical activity to be regularly commissioned to meet a wider range of agendas but particularly focusing on reducing health and social care costs;
  • achieve a reduction in health inequalities

PHE and Sports England are requesting applications from organisations eligible to apply for Lottery Funding, including charities, sports clubs/associations, education institutions and local authorities (a full eligibility list can be found here). Grants between £100,000 and £500,000 (and over £500,000 in exceptional circumstances) are available for projects meeting the fund’s aims and running for up to 3 years, including brief interventions, community asset based approaches, and family/intergenerational approaches to sport. Match-funding must be providing via partnership funding that is at least one third of the project’s cost.

The closing date for applications is 26th January 2015.