NCVO, CFG, IoF call for review of Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme

A group of umbrella bodies has called for an early review of the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme after research has uncovered a range of awareness and understanding issues with the programme.

NCVO, the Institute of Fundraising, and the Charity Finance Group have published the results of a survey indicating that small charities in particular have had difficulty coming to grips with the scheme.

Charities had found it difficult to find out about the scheme, the groups found, and they had struggled to determine the eligibility criteria. There had been difficulty understanding what donations can be claimed on, and understanding the claiming process.

There was low awareness of the scheme, and many charities were ineligible as they had not existed for two full tax years.

All issues were more acute for smaller charities, the survey found.

“This demonstrates to us that the scheme is not succeeding in supporting the charities in line with its original stated policy intent,” the groups said. “With a number of larger and medium sized charities also experiencing problems, this highlights that there are inherent issues with the scheme itself.”

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