Liberal Democrat MP says reform of the Lobbying Act ‘first priority’

The Liberal Democrats have lent their support to a review of the Lobbying Act in a new document published yesterday outlining their view of the voluntary sector.

In The Yellow Book of the Voluntary Sector, jointly published by Acevo and the Charities Aid Foundation, Martin Horwood, Liberal Democrat MP for Cheltenham, said his “first priority for an incoming Liberal Democrat government” would be to look afresh at the Lobbying Act and how it is affecting charities.

He said the party would “restate, in legislation if we have to, the critically important role voluntary organisations have to play in our democracy”.

He said: “We must safeguard that hard-won principle that if a charity finds from its work with the poor or the disadvantaged, with animals or the environment, in sport or art or local communities, that something is wrong then they have not only the legal right but the moral duty to do something about it – and about its cause not just its symptoms.”

He also said the party would look at whether it could “squeeze a tax break or a new incentive into the legislation” that would encourage this behaviour.

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