Charity partnerships with corporates are now longer and worth more, says report

Partnerships between companies and charities are becoming longer and worth more money to charities, according to a new report.

The consultancy C&E Advisory’s annual Corporate NGO Partnerships Barometer is based on a survey of 130 corporates and NGOs involved in partnerships.

It says there has been a 12 percentage point increase over the past year in the proportion of corporate partnerships that are worth more than £10m, to 22 per cent of charity respondents.

The report says that 95 per cent of NGOs selected “access to funds” as a reason for corporate partnerships, the most popular response, while “reputation and credibility” was chosen by 92 per cent of corporate respondents – these were the top answers in each case.

“Long-term stability and impact” was chosen by 73 per cent of corporate respondents, up from 60 per cent last year, and there was a 15 percentage point increase in respondents from NGOs that selected this answer, to 71 per cent.

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