Newmark urges charities to stay out of the realm of politics

Minister for Civil Society Brooks Newmark has urged charities to stay out of politics and focus on their core agenda, and pledged his support for the sector.

In his first speech as Minister, Newmark told an audience in London this morning that charities should “stick to their knitting”, and do the best they can to promote their agenda and help others.

“We really want to try and keep charities and voluntary groups out of the realm of politics and depoliticise them, and 99.9 per cent of charities do exactly that,” Newmark said in response to an audience question at the launch of Nesta’s People Helping People report. “But I think when they stray into the realm of politics that’s really not what they’re about and that’s not why people actually give them money.”

The Conservative Member of Parliament for Braintree did however urge charities to contact himself and other political leaders where they had identified problems in the sector, and propose solutions.

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