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Four in ten UK residents walk away from charity fundraisers

People in the UK are willing to speak to street fundraisers for only three minutes on average, with four out of ten refusing to stop altogether, according a survey by donations website Give as you Live.

People in Swansea were the most generous, giving three minutes and 38 seconds each. In contrast, people in Nottingham were only prepared to stop for two minutes and three seconds before walking away.

London, despite being famed for having unfriendly citizens, came in third place, with an average of three minutes and 17 seconds.

The study which examined 2,000 people, claims that 33 per cent of us are only willing to speak to street fundraisers for a maximum of two minutes, with 13 per cent willing to give up between two and four minutes of their time. An altruistic minority, two per cent of the population, is willing to speak to a street fundraiser for 10 minutes or more.

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