Charity sector ‘particularly vulnerable’ to hiring unsuitable leaders

he charity sector is “particularly vulnerable” to hiring unsuitable leaders based on their past experience, a leadership expert said yesterday.

Geraldine Kilbride, a business psychologist and specialist in leadership behaviour at the London Business School, said organisations often hire based on a person’s job history and whether they have done the same role somewhere else.

Kilbride was speaking at an event in London yesterday, entitled What does real leadership look like? organised by the Resource Alliance.

“I think the NGO sector is particularly vulnerable to hiring based on past experience,” she said. “Particularly from the private sector, thinking the situations are replicable and matchable. But unfortunately they’re not.”

Kilbride, who is also programme director of the Resource Alliance’s Future Leaders Programme, said other organisations promote leaders internally, but this can also lead to people with the wrong skills being pushed up the job ladder.

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