Lobbying act threatens the independence of UK not-for-profits, report says

Report by the Charities Aid Foundation criticises the UK government and calls for the prohibition of gagging clauses in contracts involving charities

The passing of the lobbying act puts the UK alongside countries such as Algeria, Ecuador and Indonesia in threatening the independence of not-for-profit organisations, according to a new report from the Charities Aid Foundation.

Future World Giving: Enabling an Independent Not-For-Profit Sector, published today, warns that legislation or measures that intentionally or unintentionally stifle the voice of the third sector could jeopardise efforts to promote giving among the growing global middle class.

“In many countries, NGOs are being prevented from performing their crucial role in holding governments to account and helping to drive improvements,” the report says, adding that this is happening in both developed and developing countries.

This report comes after another from CAF in January warned that heavy-handed government policies and regulatory mismanagement were undermining public trust in charities and, potentially, the growth of giving as a result.

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