Councils told to be fair to voluntary sector when setting budgets

Local councils must “act with fairness” to the voluntary sector and avoid salami-slicing when setting budgets, Acevo, Navca and Compact Voice have said in a joint letter sent last week to all local councils.

The letter calls on councils to help charities by continuing to use grant funding and by adopting a “good practice approach to commissioning” which includes engaging with organisations at all stages.

It also calls on councils to follow the requirements of the Social Value Act, which requires councils to have regard to the added social value of organisations they commission from, and to support social investment at a local level.

“Salami-slicing will mean doing nothing well, so we have to find new approaches,” the letter says. “Your local voluntary and community sector can help because you share common goals of defending and strengthening communities. We all want stronger, more resilient communities that are ready to face challenges and seize opportunities.”

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