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MPs say charities’ pre-election campaigning should start early and have a local focus

Tim Harrison of nfpSynergy, which interviewed 157 MPs for its survey, says politicians are more likely to respond positively if a campaign pertains to their constituency

MPs have said that charities directing campaigns towards them before the next general election should make sure communication starts early and has a local focus.

The third sector research consultancy nfpSynergy today launched its guide Nine Campaign Tactics for Charities to Consider before a General Election, which is based on interviews with 157 serving MPs.

The MPs surveyed said that being contacted well ahead of the election was the best approach for voluntary sector organisations, the guide says.

One Conservative MP told nfpSynergy that early campaigning was best because manifesto commitments were the ones with “the best chance of action post-election”. A Liberal Democrat MP was more blunt, saying that “most other campaigning is simply too late”.

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