Churches urged to become more dementia friendly

The start of the National Week of Prayer and Awareness on Dementia (12th-19th March) has seen Catholic charities urge churches to do more to be dementia friendly in the face of a growing number of people suffering from the condition, with the numbers expected to grow from 800,000 today, to over 1 million by 2021 and 1.7 million by 2050.  Churches are seen as being important in providing a safe, secure, caring environment for those with the condition.

Two organisations have also used the opportunity to highlight their own work on dementia.  Nugent Care is gathering signatures for a petition to help raise awareness and the importance of dignity in care for those with dementia.  The CSAN Older People’s Services Forum is currently developing a Dementia Toolkit for parishes to help them design a person-centred approach meeting their physical, sensory and emotional needs of people with dementia and how churches can contribute to the wider network of outreach services.

Further information on the National Week of Prayer and Awareness on Dementia, and the schemes being launched can be found at Independent Catholic News.