CAF launches #whywegive campaign

The Charities Aid Foundation has launched a social media campaign to get people to share their motivations behind their charitable giving.

The campaign hopes to get more people talking about their views on charity and why they support charitable causes. Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) has launched #whywegive alongside figures released today which find that nearly two thirds of CAF’s most generous donors believe the wealthy need to be more open about their giving.

CAF surveyed 722 of its most generous donors last year, those that are in the top 10 per cent of CAF account holders. The findings have been released in a report out today, entitled Why We Give.

It found that just 26 per cent of respondents believe the government already does enough to encourage giving to charities.

The research, which looked at donor attitudes and motivations, also showed that nearly half of those asked believe that society is too cynical about those who give, yet donors feel that the wealthy should give away at least 10 per cent of their wealth in their lifetime.

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