Three new reports on partnership working between faith and local government.

13/02/14 – Making a Difference

In Tribute to Peter Gilbert

We of FaithAction we sad to learn of social work champion Peter Gilbert who passed away in December last year at the age of 63. Peter was deeply involved in promoting the role of spirituality in health and social care; he had written and spoken many times on the subject, had served as lead on spirituality and mental health for the National Institute for Mental Health, and was professor of spirituality and social work at Staffordshire University.

FaithAction’s Jeremy Simmons, who worked with Peter when he contributed to our publication Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up, writes in tribute.

It was an honour and a pleasure working with Peter Gilbert as a contributor to Faith with its Sleeves Rolled Up. He was extremely gracious and helpful to someone desperately trying to find his feet in the world of copy editing. For our book, Peter wrote passionately about his work with the National Spirituality and Mental Health Forum, arguing the case that spirituality ought to play a significant role in health and social care. And on the subject of mental illness he wrote from the heart, candidly addressing his own struggles with depression and the role that his faith played in carrying him through those difficult times. Testimonies like this in academia are rare and extremely valuable. That Peter did this work for us whilst battling illness is astounding. Sadly, his health prevented him from attending the launch of our book. I would love to have met such a remarkable man.

In the past years, we have been tapping into Peter's wisdom regarding faith and mental health. We will surely continue to reflect on his writings in the years to come.


FaithAction Friendly Places Launch Event

4th March, 2:30pm – 4:30pm; NCVO Society Building, London

We believe there is a significant and positive role for faith communities to play in the support of those with mental health problems – both within their own congregations and in the wider community.

Join FaithAction as we:

  • Explore mental health in the context of faith communities;
  • Raise awareness of how faith communities can respond to mental health issues;
  • Launch Friendly Places and the Friendly Places Pledge; an initiative supporting faith groups to be places which welcome and support those struggling with their mental health.
  • Highlight existing good practice

Speakers include FaithAction’s Daniel Singleton, Rev Nims Obunge, and Maslaha’s Raheel Mohammed.

Book via Eventbrite


Save the Date: FaithAction Reception – a celebration of faith-based social action

26th March, 2:30pm – 4:00pm; London.

Join FaithAction as we celebrate local faith-based social action and innovation, and explore the role of faith groups in the community during austerity. FaithAction will also be launching the FaithLab initiative; gathering innovative faith based responses to community needs across the UK. Further details to be announced.



Big Lottery Fund’s £112m to end ‘revolving door of care’

The Big Lottery Fund is awarding £112m over the next 8 years to 12 areas across England to end what it calls ‘the revolving door of care’, where people with multiple needs repeatedly get passed between multiple charities and services due to the wide range of support required. There are estimated to be around 60,000 people suffering from this issue, and the Lottery money will go towards helping services in the funded areas work together and form partnerships to provide a full package of care. The Fund will also be carefully monitoring the work done to research effective ways of delivering such services, and how much money is saved as a result.



New Programme to Leverage Personal Care Budgets

Charity Times reports that Developing Empowering Resources in Communities (DERiC) and Big Society Capital have announced the launch of a new programme that aims to use personal care budgets to improve the level of care for people with social care needs through engagement with their community. The programme comes in response to the fact that present care services have become mostly reactionary and not preventative. DERiC will be investing a £1m loan from Big Society Capital into seven programmes run by community organisations across the country, aiming to give people a choice in the care they receive and prevent a need for statutory care, as well as providing Community Supporters to work with those in need of care.


Get Involved

Compact Voice Priorities and Plans Survey

Compact Voice, representing the voluntary sector on the Compact, have put out a short survey to help them explore their future priorities and plans for 2014-15. They’re looking to see what areas they should work on in future as well as what areas of present work are valued. All completed entries will be entered into a draw for a £25 Amazon voucher.

The survey is available to complete here.


Charity Commission Consultation on Regulation of Common Deposit Funds

The Charity Commission is running a consultation on proposed changes to be made to the regulation of common deposit funds, an investment available to charities, as a result of decisions made by HMRC.

More information is available here.




NCVO have commissioned a guide for voluntary organisations that are looking to innovate, covering how to identify areas in need of innovation and how to find new ideas.


The Open Government Partnership has published a report on what it has done and what it has learned so far.


Clinks writes about its work with the Making Every Adult Coalition and ‘changing the system’.


Pioneers Post looks back at the first year of the Social Value Act and the effects it has had.