06/02/14 – Faith in the Sector

Director’s Lunch

Director’s Lunch is an opportunity to write to FaithAction about the work you’re doing, the needs you are facing, and to receive some advice and guidance.

Just send a short email to [email protected], and our National Executive Director, Daniel Singleton, will read and respond to your message in his lunch break!

If you have any queries on this, please get in touch with the FaithAction team!




Public Accounts Committee Reports on Charity Commission; Sector Responds

The Public Accounts Committee published its report into the Charity Commission yesterday, the findings of which are heavily critical of the Commission in its current state and include calls for sweeping reforms to be made.


The report damns the Charity Commission in multiple areas, including its regulation of the sector and how it runs itself. The PAC says that the Commission has been ineffective, with a reliance on receiving information and trusting it blindly instead of investigating and monitoring issues itself. Investigations, such as with the Cup Trust, were slow and ineffectual, and the Commission’s responses have been slow and weak when faced with clear cases of abuse. The report also highlights that the PAC has ‘little confidence’ in the Commission’s ability to fix these issues, with few changes having been made since the PAC previously examined the Commission.

Civil Society reports of responses to the PAC report from various voluntary sector umbrella bodies. Many have agreed with the findings of the report, with Acevo citing heavy budget cuts as a cause while also saying the Commission was “its own worst enemy”. NCVO also supported the findings, while NAVCA called for a new chief executive to be appointed and that the focus been on improving the Commission instead of ‘kicking it when it’s down’.

Others have defended the Commission in the face of the findings, with the Charity Finance Group warning of it being too easy to just declare the Commission a failure, and that there was a danger of create mistrust of charities. The Directory of Social Change supplied a similar response, calling heavy-handed statements made in the report irresponsible.



Get Involved

Faith and Mental Health: An Invitation to FaithAction’s Friendly Places launch event

4th March, 2:30pm – 4:30pm; NCVO Society Building, London

We believe there is a significant and positive role for faith communities to play in the support of those with mental health problems – both within their own congregations and in the wider community.

Join FaithAction as we:

  • Explore mental health in the context of faith communities;
  • Raise awareness of how faith communities can respond to mental health issues;
  • Launch Friendly Places and the Friendly Places Pledge; an initiative supporting faith groups to be places which welcome and support those struggling with their mental health.

Book via Eventbrite


Survey on VSE Engagement with Health and Wellbeing Boards

Regional Voices have launched a second survey aimed at evaluating voluntary sector engagement with health and wellbeing boards, to determine what areas work, which need improve and what support is needed. Areas covered include routes to health and wellbeing boards and how the voluntary sector can influence JSNAs, strategy and commissioning.

The survey runs until 6th March and can be taken here.

Results of the previous survey and more info can be found here.


Disabled People Leading Inclusive Communities

Disability Rights UK are looking to hear from Disabled People’s Organisations about work being done to ensure disabled people are being involved in their local communities and that their voices are heard in decision-making. This can mean working with local services to ensure leisure and transport is accessible to the disabled, or setting up ‘people’s parliaments’ to work with the local council. They’re looking for examples of best practice to form part of a central resources for other DPOs.

To contribute, you can email [email protected] and cc in [email protected], or phone on 020 7566 0116.




The Government has published a series of impact assessments to go along with the Care Bill.


Following the rejection of amendments to the Lobbying Bill by MPs, ACEVO’s CEO Sir Stephen Bubb and NCVO have put up responses.


The Local Government Association has published the latest in series of briefings regarding the Care Bill.


The Social Investment Business Group and The Good Analyst has released a guide to measuring and reporting social impact.