Cancer Research UK unveils smartphone game to help scientists find a cure for cancer

Cancer Research UK has unveiled a smartphone game that it hopes will speed up the analysis of gene data, necessary in research into cancer cures, as people play it. 

Play to Cure: Genes in Space is free to download on the Android and Apple phones.

Hannah Keartland, citizen science lead for Cancer Research UK (CRUK), said: “Our scientists’ research produces colossal amounts of data, some of which can only be analysed by the human eye – a process which can take years. We hope thousands of people worldwide will play Play to Cure: Genes in Space as often as possible, to help our researchers get through this data.”

In the game, players chart a course and then navigate through space collecting ‘Element Alpha', where they gather data information about gene data, which is then fed back to the scientists. There are about 50 levels and as users progress it becomes more difficult.

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