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Plastic bag levy in England ‘could raise £70m for good causes’

Environment minister Don Rogerson tells Environmental Audit Committee that the charge would raise £95m, £70m of which would go straight to good causes

The government estimates that a mandatory 5p levy on plastic bags from retail outlets, due to come into force in October 2015, will raise £70m a year for good causes.

Dan Rogerson, the Liberal Democrat environment minister, told the Environmental Audit Committee last month that he expected the charge to raise a total of £95m a year – £70m of which "would go straight to good causes", according to the transcript of the meeting, published last week.

Of the remainder, £19m would go on VAT and £6m on retailers’ administration costs.

Retailers will be required to report back on where money raised by the scheme has gone, but there will be no legal obligation on retailers to give the proceeds to charity through the scheme.

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