Three new reports on partnership working between faith and local government.

UK Health Forum: Evidence in public health – The results of an online survey

The following is a release on behalf of the UK Health Forum

The UK Health Forum recently undertook a survey with an aim to establish how those working in public health define ‘evidence’ in public health, what evidence they use and how frequently, what barriers they experience in accessing and using evidence and what factors they think affect evidence. There is an executive summary in the beginning of the report. All the data are included in the report. 

One of the main findings of the survey was the concern over the effect on bias on evidence.  Various forms of bias were mentioned by respondents. We have been able to produce what we call a Process Infographic showing the various factors that affect evidence. Not surprisingly, we found that those working in public health have differing opinions of what is classed as evidence. Most types of resources that we listed had been classed as evidence and we show that in a spider diagram. You will find figures and tables in the report.

The results of the research are informative and by stimulating discussion around the findings, we may go some way into addressing the concerns expressed by respondents and improve the processes that shape the evidence which we use in decision-making to improve public health globally.

We are happy for you to use our data and information in presentations and meetings, in return for acknowledgement as originators when you do so. Please let us know if you have used it so we can keep track of coverage.


Link to the report: http://www.ukhealthforum.org.uk/who-we-are/our-work/ukhf-whats-new/?entryid70=31638