Three new reports on partnership working between faith and local government.

12/09/13 – What We’ve Been Up To…

Autumn is here and the FaithAction team is preparing for a busy few months! As we enter into the next season we wanted to update you on what we’ve been up to over the summer, as well as opportunities to get involved and receive support from FaithAction over the coming months…


We’ve been exploring how we can support faith groups in the area of mental health. See below for more information on our new webpage Friendly Places. Peter Gilbert also explores the topic of spirituality and mental health in FaithAction’s book Faith With its Sleeves Rolled Up.


FaithAction has met with Public Health England to look at how faith groups can promote and improve health and wellbeing in their communities. Whether you’re running a wide-scale care scheme or sharing health information via a community noticeboard, we’d like to hear about the work you’ve done. Get in touch at [email protected] or call us on 0845 094 6350. Thanks to all who have written to us already!


We'd also like to hear from you if you're running a social action project in your local area. Get in touch with [email protected].


FaithAction has also been at the Public Health England and NHS England Annual General Meetings where we’ve been able to connect further with work done around the country to improve health and wellbeing. Blogs soon to follow…


We have continued to meet with member organisations each month to explore work happening around the country, issues faced and opportunities that are available to them.


Daniel's Blog: "Why I don’t agree with independent living"

FaithAction's National Executive Director Daniel Singleton has written a new blogpost, looking at the effects that technology has had on human interaction.

"What I have trouble with is the way attitudes in society are developing, alongside technological advances to enable us to live life in personalised packages isolated from everyone else. A kind of ‘airplane meal life’ where everything is wrapped up neatly in individual portions, not intended to be shared or interfered with by others. I think that mobile technology and the internet have made this type of uninterrupted living possible."

Click here to read the rest of Daniel's latest blog.



Services for members…

What’s Yours To Do?

What’s Yours To Do is a one-to-one service provided by FaithAction to help your faith group to identify and implement practical and effective responses to local needs. A  FaithAction facilitator will help you to complete a community ‘audit’ to identify local needs as well as the skills and resources available to you. The service includes a guided your of existing social enterprises and projects, an individual Development ‘Road Map’ and on-going support.

To find out more click here or contact FaithAction at [email protected].


Director’s Lunch

Want to let FaithAction know about your needs and what you’re up to?  Want to speak to Daniel Singleton, the National Executive Director of FaithAction?  Well, here’s your chance!

FaithAction is launching ‘Director’s Lunch’, the opportunity for you to speak directly to Daniel Singleton, while he has his lunch!  All you need to do is send a short e-mail, letting us know your needs, what you’re up to and anything else to [email protected]!  These will then get passed to Daniel to read and respond to during his lunch break.

If you have any queries on this, please get in touch with the FaithAction team!




Mental Health

FaithAction has been working with the IAPT team (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) to produce a resource which explains the free NHS mental health services available to the public.

Why not print out the booklet and display the resource in your place of worship, or within your organisation? Click here to access this free resource.


Mental health resources

Our Friendly Places portal is a large pool of articles, tips, guidance and other resources to help your faith group make some practical steps to support those struggling with mental health issues. Get inspired with our Top Tips, download advice on how to start a support team, access films and resources to help you run an awareness event… and more!


Get involved!


FaithAction is working with the APPG on Faith and Society to form a Covenant which can be adopted by faith groups and local authorities in cities across the UK.

The Covenant:

  • pledges local authorities to facilitate equal involvement of faith communities in the redesign and reshaping of public services
  • commits faith communities in their responsibility to actively contribute to the forming of local solutions and to work in open and inclusive manner.

We want to know what you think. Do you have a vision to see better working between faith communities and local authorities in your area? Take a couple of minutes to let us know your thoughts through this survey.