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FUNDING: SITA Trust Enhancing Communities Programme – Fast Track Fund

SITA Trust Enhancing Communities Programme – Fast Track Fund

Status: Open to applications
Application Deadline: 15 October 2013


Grants are available for community projects in qualifying areas of England, Scotland and Wales.  The type of projects supported include improvements to community amenities such as village halls, public parks and sports facilities, and improvements to historic buildings and structures.


Maximum Value: £ 20,000

Value Notes

Grants up to a maximum of £20,000 are available. Applications are only accepted towards projects with a total cost of £40,000 or less.

Contributing Third Party Payment (CTP)

Before the Trust can release funding for a project, they need to receive a payment called the Contributing Third Party Payment.  This payment is needed to release the funds from SITA UK and is necessary because, under the rules of the Landfill Communities Fund, SITA UK only receives as a tax credit 90% of the funds it releases to the Trust.  The scheme regulator also requires a fee and each successful application incurs other minor costs.  To make up the shortfall, SITA UK requires that 11% of the money provided is recovered from third parties.

SITA Trust provides an online calculator to work out the CTP that will need to be paid.  It can be found at:


Eligible third party contributors include the following:

  • Applicant’s organisation (providing it is not a registered Environmental Body).
  • Donations from the community.
  • Donation from an individual.
  • Award from County Councils, Borough Councils, Parish Councils ‘Friends of’ or other supporters of a project.
  • Local businesses.
  • Grants and other awards.

The CTP must not be received from a person or organisation that has exclusive benefit from the project being funded (such as a contractor working on a project who receives payment through the project).

Applicants that can demonstrate successful efforts to raise contributory funds in support of the project (over and above the CTP) will be considered favourably, although those that don’t will still be considered.

Extended Description

The Enhancing Communities Programme Fast Track Fund (formerly the Small Grants Scheme) is provided by SITA Trust through the Landfill Communities Fund. Landfill site operators can collect a tax for every tonne of waste that goes into one of their sites. A proportion of this tax can be allocated to the Landfill Communities Fund to fund community and environmental improvement projects. SITA Trust receives its funding from the waste management company, SITA UK, which owns landfill sites across the UK.

The Small Grants Scheme provides funding for physical improvements to:

  • Community facilities.
  • Historic buildings (Grade 1 listed places of worship).
  • Sport and recreation facilities.

Latest Information

The upcoming deadline is 15 October at 10am.

Key Criteria

The scheme is open to non-profit making organisations such as voluntary organisations, charities, parish councils, local authorities, community groups and environmental organisations.

Projects can be supported in any of 115 funding zones in England, Scotland and Wales. Funding zones are around qualifying waste processing sites owned by SITA UK. The Trust provides a post code checker so that potential applicants can check the eligibility of the project’s location. This can be accessed at:


Applicants do not need to be registered Environmental Bodies nor do they need to register a project with ENTRUST before applying for funding.  SITA Environmental Trust will register the project with ENTRUST (the scheme regulator) once funding has been approved.

The Trust would normally expect to act as the Environmental Body registering and overseeing the project, unless there are exceptional circumstances.  This means the Trust can work more closely with projects and are in a better position to ensure that value for money is being achieved on each project supported.

If the project site is in Perth & Kinross, or an area governed by Lancashire County Council or Cornwall Council, an application should be made to the regional funding body which distributes Landfill Tax collected by SITA UK in that area.

Eligible Expenditure

The Fast Track Fund supports projects in the following categories:

  • Community facilities – such as museums, village greens, community halls, scout or guide huts.
  • Sport and recreation facilities – such as public parks, sports fields and facilities, activity centres, cycle paths, sports clubs, public playgrounds, public rights of way and footpaths, bridleways, country parks or skate parks.
  • Historic buildings – including Grade 1 listed places of worship, and historic buildings, monuments and structures with an appropriate designation.

Applications have a better chance of success if they can demonstrate the following:

  • Clear evidence of the need and support for the project and, where appropriate, evidence of local community consultation, participation and fundraising.
  • Tangible outputs from the project with clear benefits to the local community.
  • A clear budget demonstrating good value for money.
  • Part-funding or resources ‘in-kind’ from within the community or from other sources, demonstrating wider support for the project.
  • The project will be self-sustaining once the initial project funding has been invested.  This will include ensuring that the project can be managed and maintained and that funding is available to cover these costs.
  • Steps have been taken to reduce the environmental impact of the project.  SITA Trust’s Green Guide for Applicants is available from the SITA Trust website.

Match Funding Restrictions

Applicants are expected to show what other sources of funding have been sought and secured.


The Trust will not support the following:

  • Companies or organisations that are profit-making.
  • Applications to construct new buildings/extensions on existing buildings (although it will consider funding fixtures and fittings within a facility that has been newly built).
  • Purchase of land.
  • Projects that have already been carried out.
  • Allotment projects (because they benefit individuals rather than the general public).
  • Bus services, minibus services, other vehicles.
  • Work to facilities that are not considered to be general community amenities, including; hospitals, hospices, health buildings, medical centres, daycare centres, charity offices and citizens advice bureaux, as the public cannot book these places for their own use.
  • Projects on school or pre-school sites; this is because at these sites it is not possible to guarantee unrestricted public access.
  • Works to public highways and street furniture.
  • Staff posts.
  • Project management costs or volunteer expenses.
  • CDs, DVDs or websites.
  • Libraries.
  • Car parks (car parks attached to a public amenity can only be funded if they form a small part of a wider amenity improvement project).
  • Public toilets (although toilets within an amenity can be funded).
  • The running costs of an organisation or facility such as electricity bills or rent.
  • Applications for projects that have been rejected by the SITA Trust Board in the previous 12 months.

Payment Procedure

The SITA Trust expects successful Small Grants-funded projects will begin within three months of a successful application.

Application Procedure

Applications to The Fast Track Fund can be made online at the SITA Trust website.

Applications from the Perth and Kinross region should be directed to the Perth and Kinross Quality of Life Trust. Otherwise, contact SITA Trust for further information.

Addresses and contacts

Application forms may be available to download on this site – please see the downloadable files on the right hand panel at the top of this page – or alternatively please check the funding body’s own website.

Contact details:
Enquiries SITA Trust
The Coach House
Eastwood Park
South Gloucestershire
GL12 8DA
Telephone: 01454 262910
Email: [email protected]

For more information, please visit Funding Central.  Registration is completely free.