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FUNDING: Sheffield – Voluntary Sector Grants Fund

Sheffield – Voluntary Sector Grants Fund

Status:Open to applications
Application Deadline: 16 October 2013


Financial assistance is available to voluntary organisations that are providing services and activities that benefit Sheffield residents and meet one of the Council's priority outcomes for 2012-13.


Minimum Turnover: £ 10,000
Minimum Value: £ 10,000

Value Notes

Although applications can be made for any amount exceeding £10,000, the average grant is likely to be less than £50,000.

The Council expects to award between 50 and 60 grants.

Extended Description

The Voluntary Sector Grants Fund scheme is provided and administered by Sheffield City Council through its core budget and it is intended to benefit the people who live within the Sheffield metropolitan borough area.

Funding is aimed at local voluntary sector organisations that are delivering services and activities within Sheffield under one of the Council's funding themes and priority outcomes for 2013-14, which are:

  • Tackling poverty, promoting social justice and financial inclusion.
  • Building social inclusion and cohesion and fostering good relations.
  • Supporting the local voluntary sector to thrive and deliver (infrastructure support).

Latest Information

The Voluntary Sector Grants Fund is open for applications until 16 October 2013. Groups wishing to apply must request an application pack before 4 October 2013.

Key Criteria

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be a registered charity or a limited company with charitable status or an Industrial and Provident Society.
  • Be based in Sheffield and/or providing services to the people of Sheffield.
  • Be in full compliance with the Charity Commission and/or Companies House.
  • Have a governing document that is fit for purpose and which they operate in accord with.
  • Have an effective Equal Opportunities and Diversity policy and practice that comply with current legislation.
  • Be committed to operating in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Have robust Health and Safety policy and procedures that comply with all current legislation.
  • Have accounts for the last two years prepared in line with the accounting requirements of the Charity Commission and/or Companies House.
  • Show that they can produce a balanced budget during the period for which they have the grant.
  • Have an annual turnover of at least £10,000.
  • Have current unrestricted reserves equal to not more than 12 months running costs.
  • Be able to provide a reference that is independent of their organisation.
  • Be delivering a service or activity that addresses one of the Council's themes and priority outcomes for 2013-14.

The Council is particularly keen to receive applications for services that deliver across the city as a whole or work across a number of parts of the city.

Eligible Expenditure

Funding can be used for any costs (other than large capital items) associated with delivering services or activities that address one of the following themes:

  • Theme 1 (building social inclusion and cohesion and fostering good relations) is aimed at ensuring that Sheffield is a safe, inclusive and welcoming place to live and that communities of interest and vulnerable people are supported and empowered to move forward and engage in Sheffield society.
  • Theme 2 (supporting the local voluntary sector to thrive and deliver) is aimed at ensuring that any voluntary and community sector organisation has access to the infrastructure support it needs to operate lawfully and effectively in line with best practice and deliver high quality services to Sheffield citizens. Included in this theme is the development of older people’s lunch clubs and activity groups.
  • Theme 3 (tackling poverty, promoting social justice and financial inclusion) is aimed at ensuring that local people are able to maximise their income and develop their financial capability.


The following are not eligible for funding:

  • Organisations or activities not based in Sheffield.
  • Other departments of Sheffield City Council.
  • Public bodies. This includes parish and town councils, hospitals and other health bodies.
  • Educational establishments including schools, universities and colleges.
  • Housing associations.
  • Businesses and social enterprises.
  • Consultants.
  • Arts organisations.
  • Animal charities.
  • Economic development activities.
  • Employment training programmes.
  • Activities primarily aimed at promoting religious or political beliefs.
  • Activities that are a statutory obligation or replace statutory funding.
  • Applications to support activity already being delivered by another organisation unless there is a clear need for additional capacity.
  • Capital or equipment costs including works or repairs to buildings, community minibuses, etc.
  • Organisations whose annual turnover is under £10,000
  • Costs already covered by another funder or income stream.
  • Costs that appear to be unreasonably high.
  • Retrospective costs.
  • Loans, debts or endowments.
  • Organisations with current unrestricted reserves equal to or more than 12 months running costs.

Application Procedure

Contact Sheffield City Council for further information.

Addresses and contacts

Application forms may be available to download on this site – please see the downloadable files on the right hand panel at the top of this page – or alternatively please check the funding body’s own website.

Contact details:
Voluntary Sector Liaison Team Sheffield City Council
Town Hall
S1 2HH
Telephone: 0114 273 4631
Email: [email protected]

For more information, please visit Funding Central.  Registration is completely free.