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HMRC and Charity Commission seek funding for joint registration process

Peter Mills of Charities Online says HMRC plans to launch a joint registration process in 2015, but does not indicate how much funding will be required

HM Revenue & Customs and the Charity Commission are seeking funding to launch a joint registration process in 2015, a Charity Tax Group seminar heard yesterday.

Peter Mills, programme manager for Charities Online, the new digital system to claim Gift Aid, which will replace the existing paper-based system at the end of September, said HMRC was aware of frustration among charities at having to register once with the Charity Commission and then again with HMRC to claim Gift Aid.

"We are seeking funding for a joint process to register with the Charity Commission and HMRC," he said. "We are hoping that will take place in April 2015."

Mills did not indicate how much funding would be required.

He said HMRC was also considering how it could simplify its registration process.

"The forms to register, or to vary your details, are quite difficult for charities," he said. "The variation form in particular causes a lot of difficulties because charities don’t know who their authorised official is."

A joint registration process between the Charity Commission and HMRC was recommended by Lord Hodgson in his review of the Charities Act 2006, Trusted and Independent: Giving Charity Back to Charities.