Public services procurement round-up

The Public Administration Select Committee of the House of Commons has reported on its inquiry into government procurement. NCVO looks at what it says, and while there is little mention of charities, many of the problems highlighted do have a direct impact on the voluntary sector. http://blogs.ncvo.org.uk/2013/07/22/the-state-of-government-procurement/.

Compact Voice has meanwhile issued ‘Understanding Commissioning and Procurement: A Guide for Local Compacts’, with guidance on what the commissioning cycle looks like, how and when Compact groups and voluntary organisations can engage with commissioners and what the challenges are, a practical action list and a glossary of terms. http://www.compactvoice.org.uk/resources/publications/commissioning.

Third Sector Research Centre has published a report based on a pilot project to develop positive relationships between voluntary sector organisations, the Clinical Commissioning Group and General Practitioners. The press release states that GPs and commissioners need greater clarity about what the voluntary sector can offer in the new health and social care commissioning environment. TSRC news or see ‘Clarity, communication and reciprocity: key ingredients for productive relationships with voluntary organisations in the new health and social care commissioning environment’.

This article was taken from Voluntary News Website