Three new reports on partnership working between faith and local government.

08/08/13 – Opportunities in Community Assets and Community Budgets

This week at FaithAction we’ve taken a moment to reflect over the work we’ve done with the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Faith and Society, and how we have responded to the needs that FaithAction members have highlighted through this work. Visit our latest blog to read more…

In this week’s enews we bring you the latest updates on community assets and community budgets, consultations around voluntary sector engagement with health and wellbeing boards and universities, and much more.


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Data collection shake-up as social care moves into the 21st century

An overhaul of the way social care data is collected will be brought in to help improve the way that care and support is measured.

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Legislation making it easier for charities to put on film nights

The next ‘red tape’ legislation to go before Parliament includes a provision “deregulating the showing of ‘not-for-profit’ film in village halls and community centres, making it easier for small charities and community groups to hold film nights”. Keep reading…


Report highlighting growth and resilience of community-owned village shops across the UK

A report by the Plunkett Foundation looks at the performance of community-owned village shops in 2012. The report finds that Community-owned shops reported record sales for 2012 and showed great resilience during challenging times. Keep reading…

Find out more about Community-owned shops here.




Government funds for community assets, community services

From 2nd July to 30th August, organisations with innovative and ambitious plans for owning a community asset (under ‘Right to Bid’) can apply for a capital grant to help with its purchase. Areas covered include green refurbishment grants and equity matching. More at http://mycommunityrights.org.uk/community-right-to-bid/grants/.


The government has announced funding to help at least 100 communities design and deliver local services, building on the Neighbourhood Community Budgets pilots in 12 areas. The official news releasehas an email address where expression of interest in becoming an Our Place! neighbourhood can be sent. Locality’s discussion pages on learning from the pilots is also worth a read at http://locality.org.uk/blog/communities-control/.

For more information visit VoluntaryNews



Get Involved

Engagement with Health and Wellbeing Boards Survey

Regional Voices has launched a survey which asks the voluntary sector about engagement with health and wellbeing boards- what is working well, what could work better and what support would help.  Results will be used to influence policy makers, develop support mechanisms and share interesting practice across the country. It shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes to fill in, deadline 26th September. They will share the results in the Autumn- so that you’ll know what is happening between health and wellbeing boards and the voluntary sector across the country. 

Please fill in the survey and share it with your networks: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/supporting_influence_HWBs 
And a more detailed news article here about the survey- http://www.regionalvoices.org/node/137


Community/ university partnerships network

Is your organisation working in partnership with a university?

Views from voluntary organisations working with staff or students at a university are invited on a new UK Community Partner Network. Focus groups are being held in London (18th July) and on 10th September in Manchester.

More details about the network at http://www.publicengagement.ac.uk/about/community-partner-network or register for the focus group at https://www.survey.bris.ac.uk/nccpe/cpnfocusgroup/ (travel costs may be covered)




Public Health England has produced an updated guide to immunisations for babies up to 13 months of age.  The latest edition includes information on the rotavirus vaccination and the change to the scheduling of the mcnC vaccinations.  Why not print this off and have a copy available for any mums and dads in your reception area?


The Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion has produced a report exploring some of the key lessons arising from the Government’s Community Budgets pilots, and the challenges and opportunities that these create for the future.


Compact Voicehas issued ‘Understanding Commissioning and Procurement: A Guide for Local Compacts’, with guidance on what the commissioning cycle looks like, how and when Compact groups and voluntary organisations can engage with commissioners and what the challenges are, a practical action list and a glossary of terms.


Third Sector Research Centrehas published a report looking at the key ingredients for productive relationships with voluntary organisations in the new health and social care commissioning environment.