Report highlighting growth and resilience of community-owned village shops across the UK

New report highlights growth and resilience of community-owned village shops across the UK

New report into the performance of community-owned village shops in 2012 from the Plunkett Foundation

Community-owned shops reported record sales for 2012 and great resilience during challenging times, a new report from Plunkett Foundation finds.

A Better Form of Business – Community-Owned Village Shops 2013, launched this week, is an in-depth analysis of the performance of community shops in 2012. The report clearly shows that community-owned shops are going from strength to strength. Average gross sales are up by 13% and net profit of all community shops together show an increase of 22.8%, in an environment that has seen the stalling of growth for large retailers in the UK.

James Alcock, Head of Frontline at the Plunkett Foundation, said: “We’re seeing the community shop sector continue to grow, by 25 shops in 2012 and by 141 over the last 5 years. We’re also seeing the trading performance of community shops improving with growth of profits and growth of like-for-like sales outstripping most supermarket chains. Community shops demonstrated considerable resilience in 2012 during a time of challenge to many parts of the economy and society.”

James continued, “In 2012 no community-owned shops closed anywhere in the UK. This is in stark contrast to the plight of many villages, towns and cities which are suffering accelerated losses in service provision.  The Plunkett Foundation is working with record numbers of communities, now around 200, looking at setting up a community-owned shop.”

The report is published as part of the Community Shops Fortnight 2013, an annual celebration of the success of the 309 (and growing!) communities across the UK that have saved their village shop through community ownership. Community shops across the whole of the UK will be joining the celebrations, with over 100 community shops planning to participate.

The report, released by the Plunkett Foundation, finds:

Community shops
303 community shops open and trading (now 309)
25 new community shops opened during 2012
141 new community shops opened between 2007 and 2012
0 community shops closed during 2012 (only 13 have ever closed)

Total gross sales £48,711,601, an increase of 13% since 2011
Total net profit of £1,596,028, an increase of 22.8% since 2012

945 paid staff
7,796 volunteers
51,510 members

174 Post Offices provided within community shops
130 cafes run as part of a community shop

[Download ‘A Better Form of Business – Community-Owned Village Shops 2013’]

Find out more about Community Shops Fortnight at www.communityshops.coop


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