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Charities can apply for £500m of European Social Fund

Oli Henman of the NCVO says at least a fifth of the money from the fund will be directed towards social inclusion work

Charities in England will be able to apply for a share of an estimated £500m of European Social Fund money between 2014 and 2020, according to the National Council for Voluntary Organisations.

The NCVO said guidance sent out last week to 39 local enterprise partnerships, which will determine how European funds are spent, confirmed previous estimates of how much money would be available.

Oli Henman, EU and international campaigns manager at the NCVO, said that roughly £5bn of funding would be available in the UK during the seven-year period, of which about half would be be given out through the ESF. Of that, at least 20 per cent would be directed to "social inclusion" work, which works out at about £500m.

This will be the main pot of money that charities can apply for, although Henman said charities might also be able to apply for other EU funding.

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