Young people with ‘cultural capital’ more likely to volunteer, paper says

According to new analysis by Matthew Bennett of the Third Sector Research Centre, young people who, say, go to the theatre volunteer more than others

Young people who take part in cultural activities such as going to the theatre are more likely to volunteer than those who do not, says new research by the Third Sector Research Centre.

For the paper, What Factors Predict Volunteering Among Youths in the UK?, Matthew Bennett, a research fellow at the TSRC, and Meenakshi Parameshwaran, a research fellow at the Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity, University of Manchester, analysed data collected in 2010 and 2011 from a nationally representative sample of 4,760 people aged from 10 to 15.

The main findings from the paper have been released today. It says that 52 per cent of young people volunteered at least once a year and, of these, 19 per cent did so at least once a month.

Read more: http://www.thirdsector.co.uk/Volunteering/article/1193697