Three new reports on partnership working between faith and local government.

New fairer capped funding system to help everyone plan for the cost of care

Plans to help people better prepare for the cost of their future care needs have been published alongside details of how the new fairer funding system will protect homes and savings, Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb announced today.

As part of a significant consultation looking at the practical detail of implementing the proposed funding reforms the proposals include:

  • financial advice to help everyone understand their needs and plan for the future

  • annual ‘care account’ statements to project when someone will reach the cap or qualify for additional financial support

  • the option of joining a not-for-profit ‘deferred payment’ scheme, where the local council pays people’s residential care fees and the person is able to repay from their estate, allowing them to keep their home during their lifetime

  • possible new products from the financial services sector who are responding to these reforms by looking at how pensions and expanded life or health insurance could help some people plan

  • the principles that will inform the level of cap for people aged under state pension age who have eligible needs

  • A commitment by the Department of Health, Local Government Association and ADASS to work in partnership on a joint programme to ensure successful and sustainable delivery of these reforms