Data charity offers weekend of probono support to other charities

DataKind UK is to host its first probono weekend of support for charities in July and is calling for applications from organisations interested in support from data and technology professionals.

The charity, which launched its UK chapter last month, is planning a 'DataDive' weekend on 26 to 28 July to help three pre-selected organisations use data more effectively. Specifically they will be helped to understand how to better target their beneficiaries, how to decipher any patterns of need and how to better communicate these needs to funders.

The event, which will utilise the skills of professionals whose services can be unaffordable to many civil society organisations, will be hosted at the Mozilla Foundation in central London. The selected charities will each be assigned a 'data scientist' volunteer to help them with their challenge.

The deadline for applications is 7 June. Charities interested in taking part should fill out this web form.

This article was taken from Civil Society – http://www.civilsociety.co.uk/it/news/content/15261/